December 2, 2021

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What’s your unique selling proposition?

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Years ago, my decade-long marriage came to a blindsiding end with a brick — a literal brick.

While the details aren’t important, suffice it to say the publicly displayed brick was inscribed with a message, but not to me.

Sure, the world was crashing down around me like a figurative ton of bricks, but I eventually decided to turn that potentially crazy-making symbol into something positive: I started a tongue-in-cheek blog about my you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up life. The first post was about the brick, and after links from Time magazine and Huffington Post, I began embracing the identity of “the girl whose marriage ended with a brick.”

Oddly, the brick had become my USP.

A USP — or unique selling proposition — is a marketing concept used to explain successful advertising campaigns of the 1940s. The concept: such campaigns offered original and compelling stories to the customer, which convinced them to switch brands.

How does this apply to modern business?

Given an abundance of competitors out there in your specific industry, you have to assume you have potential clients asking themselves, “Why should I choose/switch to you?”