January 18, 2022

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Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association launches in the US

The basic remit of the organisation is to create a central entity for brands and other stakeholders. Formed by entrepreneurs and more than 40 brands across the spectrum of alcohol alternatives, the association has already spotted areas of opportunity for the sector in the US – ranging from differentiated products to the potential of DTC sales.

One of its aims is to provide support and resources for members; as well as creating a single, unifying voice for the industry. This could be all the more important as brands face an absence of universal regulations or industry standards, while often lacking guidelines for international trade.

From a wider perspective, its role will be to help carve out the category and drive awareness and understanding among stakeholders such as retailers, suppliers and complementary industries – and of course, among consumers themselves.

In the US, a non-alcoholic alternative is one with 0.5% ABV or below. The ANBA uses the word ‘adult’ in its name deliberately, because such products are marketed towards adults of legal drinking age – in contrast to other beverages such as soda, juice or water.

And this is one of the first missions of the association: to carve out the non-alcoholic category as a clear proposition.

“There needs to be an increased understanding of the definition of “non-alcoholic,” and that’s part of ANBA’s education mission,”​ Marcos Salazar, the association’s president, told BeverageDaily.

“We’re aiming to define a new category and promote clarity of understanding around that – not just among consumers, but across the beverage industry.”