November 27, 2021

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4 Simple Things You Can Do To Stand Out In A Crowded Niche (No Genius Required)

Are you sick and tired of reading about how to stand out in your niche, you need to produce great online content and show off your genius to the world?

Let’s be honest here: there are a lot of great entrepreneurs who don’t have the ability to put their know-how into words. At the same time, there are those who are strong writers, but don’t have the time to run a business and write a blog at the same time.

This doesn’t mean you don’t know your stuff — but it can sometimes make you feel inferior to those in your niche who seem to pump out lengthy blogs every week. The good news is that even if you don’t consider yourself a genius, you can still help your business stand out in a crowded niche.

1. Be Consistent In (Literally) Every Facet Of Your Business

The human brain loves that which is predictably reliable — particularly when it comes to relationships. We crave dependability because it helps us feel secure. And every successful business is built on these consistent, predictable relationships.

Are you educating clients through a blog? Actively managing your Facebook page? Responding to all incoming emails within 24 hours? No matter what you’re currently doing to get the word out about your business, you should keep at it.

This is especially important in service related industries. Consistency in how you communicate with clients — and in the type of results you achieve for them — is what will ultimately keep them coming back for more.

Perhaps even more important, look for areas where you could stand to become more consistent. If some client emails get answered right away but others go neglected for weeks on end, you clearly have some work to do. The more consistent you can become, the more your clients will grow to trust you and feel you are worth referring to those within their network.

2. Act Like An Actual Human Being

This is extremely important, but in our digital age, it’s also extremely overlooked.

Regardless of industry, most businesses lose their personal touch as they attempt to scale or become more efficient. Yes, tools like chatbots can be great for resolving smaller issues, but a real human connection is what ultimately helps you stand apart from other brands.

The importance of human interaction in business became especially clear during a recent phone call with Mike Roberts, co-founder and president of City Creek Mortgage.

He explained, “So much of business is rooted in making an emotional connection between yourself and the client. Emotion can only be communicated and learned when you hear the other person’s voice — and ideally, see their face, too. These human interactions help you truly get to know your clients and their needs so you can better serve them. They feel the difference. They feel cared about because their needs are actually met.”

You’re not a robot. So don’t let your business come across like it’s being run by C-3PO. If your clients don’t have a chance to speak with a living, breathing human being, they’ll think you don’t really care about their problems. That’s a surefire way to get them going to someone else.

3. Identify (And Own) Your Business’ Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what you business does best. But are you actually focusing on what your company does best?

I’ve seen newbie businesses make two pivotal errors when trying to figure out their USP. They either try to compete directly with their fiercest rivals by targeting the same USP, or they try to be the best at everything.

Nobody is the best at everything. And chances are, if your competitors have already pegged something as their USP, you aren’t going to be able to outdo them in that area.

Take a step back to figure out what you actually do better than everybody else, and make that your calling card. This way, your USP won’t just be something you say you do better than the competition. It’ll be something where you can truly deliver on that promise.

4. It Might Sound Cliche, But Disrupt Your Industry’s Norms

Are you sick of hearing about industry disruptors? It seems like everyone and their dog wants to brand themselves as a “disruptor” of sorts in their industry.

The reality is that most businesses only nominally do this. While they may claim to be making a huge disruption in their industry, they’re actually just providing something that many others in their niche are already doing.

If you want to stand out, you need to make it a point to actually disrupt industry norms.

The best way to become a true disruptor? Take a deep dive into what clients in your niche commonly complain about. Find a solution to that problem, and you’ll be able to own the heck out of it.

You Don’t Need To Be A ‘Genius’ To Stand Out!

One of the secrets of entrepreneurship is that you don’t need to be a genius to be a success.

Sometimes, the “smartest” people get so caught up in their own genius that they forget the basics that will build a strong foundation for their business. By developing these attributes in your business practices, you can stand out against any competitor.